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Our Team's Approach

Our Team's Approach

At Beckley, Whitener & Wetmore Wealth Advisors, we take a team approach to delivering comprehensive financial planning and management. You are in charge, the CEO and decision-maker. Our role is to support you in every way possible by providing complete and accurate information so that you can make well-informed decisions. We strive to simplify your life by coordinating all areas that affect your financial life.

As wealth advisors, we’re actively involved in formulating the overall plan that guides your financial decisions as determined by your goals and circumstances. We believe our experience as investment advisors means that as we move through the process of plan implementation, we can offer clear advice and guidance that is easy to understand. Control stays local because we design portfolios, invest, and manage money in-house.

 Complete wealth management extends beyond investments to encompass a range of other topics  affecting your financial life. Questions arise about taxes, specialized insurance needs, and the ins and outs of estate planning. We recognize the benefit of calling in experts to focus on these and other issues that affect your financial life, and work closely with a team of professionals in other disciplines to ensure you receive seamless delivery of these services. Our alliances include Estate Attorneys, CPAs, and Tax Professionals, as well as Insurance specialists. We act as a liaison overseeing the coordination of services so that nothing gets missed and so that your life can be simplified by having a single point of contact. If you already have existing relationships in place, we can work smoothly with those professionals as well.

We operate as a team in all areas. That doesn’t mean that we will all be present at every meeting, but it does mean that we will all be involved in serving you. You’ll have the benefit of our combined wisdom and experience, and if you call in, any one of us will be able to pick up the conversation with you wherever we left off.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

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