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Business Owners

Business Owners

As the owner of a business, you face challenges and responsibilities that are unique to your company as well as those that are common to your industry. When we sit down together, our goal is to get a clear  understanding of  the core purpose of your business and your long-range plans. By asking the right kind of questions, we carefully and accurately gather relevant facts before we begin our analysis or offer recommendations.

Client Centered

Our experienced team is prepared to help you address these and other topics:

Business organization

Fringe benefit planning

Qualified retirement planning

Buy-sell arrangements

Tax considerations 

Succession planning

Beyond the issues that affect the successful operation of a family business, other important questions come to mind. How do your plans for the future of the business mesh with your personal goals for retirement or other objectives? What are your plans for the future of your business when you are no longer active in it—who will succeed you and how will that transition be handled?

We’re here to help you answer these questions. Perpetual planning can help preserve the institution you’ve worked so hard to build and potentially resolve challenges involved in passing a family business on to the next generation. With planning, we can help provide measurable, lasting results and help you transition the business in way that preserves its ideals and goals. It all starts with a thorough analysis of your present situation and an understanding of your goals. With this foundation, we can create planning strategies designed to help you reach your goals effectively, potentially avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, and help you make better informed business decisions along the way.

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